Grandstream UCM610X IP PBX

The Grandstream UCM Series of IP PBX systems are very small and compact full featured phone systems at very reasonable costs.

Login with your credentials. If this is a new UCM you will be directed to change the admin password.

In this setup we are using a UCM6102 System to guide you through the configuration process to connect to our SIP servers and apply the Trunk (depending on how many channels you service account provides from us) and the setup of Outbound and Inbound rules so you can quickly start placing calls.

Go to Extension / Trunk and select VoIP Trunks. Click Add SIP Trunk button.

Under Basic settings give a name for Provider, your Proxy SIP server which we provide on Trunk account. From domain should be the UCMs hostname which is registered with a TLS certificate. Username and password are your SIP credentials which were suplpied when signing up.

Under Advanced setting only allow PCMU as the Codec Preference. Heartbeat frequency can be between 60 and 120 sec. The maximum Number of Calls at the same time would be based on your SIP plan with us. Metro and Rural Trunk accounts have a range of 8 to 12 channels. SRTP can be enabled but not forced.

Next setup our inbound rules. Click Add. Your Trunk comes with 2 DIDs, if you purchased more then you can split your inbound rules for each number. In this example we are allowing all DIDs inbound.

In pattern place _X. to allow all CIDs. The default destination can be of your choosing, Ring Group, Extention or as most would use the IVR system. In order to route your calls to an IVR go to Call Feature / IVR to create one first.

Click on Outbound and then click Add button.

A quick start to dividing your allowable calls would be to setup a National Rule and then an International Rule as outlined here. Enter your National pattern (eg. _NXXNXXXXXX and _1NXXNXXXXXX for NA 10 and 11 digit dialing). Set your trunk to the trunk you created. National Calling.

International calling. Pattern (eg. _011X.). Select your outbound trunk.

Go to PBX Settings / RTP Settings. RTP port settings to communicate with our switches should be ports 10001 to 20000.



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