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 Understanding SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

SIP(Session Initiation Protocol) is the application layer control protocol for multimedia...

 FAQ Porting (LNP)

  How much does it cost to Port a Number to ICT? Currently at this time we do not charge for...

 New Canadian Rate Centers for 2021

The team at ICT is excited to announce the launch of an enhanced coverage with over 1000 new rate...

 SIP Faxing Recommendations Uncompressed

Product Description: T.38 protocol, is one of several communication protocols used for sending...

 SIP/VoIP Proxy Servers

Here are our recommended Proxy host servers to connect your device or IP PBX to our network....

 ictVoIP Platform for Android

Android app Android productivity The ictVoIP Platform Android client is available from...

 ictVoIP Platform for Desktop

desktop app All in one softphone to make and manage calls The ictVoIP desktop apps go...

 ictVoIP Platform for iOS

iOS app Softphone for the iPhone Convert your iPhone or iPad into a VoIP phone that...