New ICT WebMail Features and Upgrades

  ActiveSync for MDaemon - Shared Folders The ActiveSync server now supports shared folders, in addition to personal and public folders, for email, calendar events, contacts, tasks and notes. The new controls allow administrators to enable or disable shared folders for ActiveSync users at the global level, domain level, or account ... Read More »

26th May 2014
Essential Tips for Virtualizing SQL Server

How to make sure your virtualized instances perform well   It's hard to believe that some people still think SQL Server can't be run in a virtual machine (VM). That's definitely not the case. SQL Server can be run in a VM very successfully. However, due to its resource-intensive nature, there are a few best practices that you need ... Read More »

9th Apr 2014
Out With Windows XP, In With Windows 8.1 Update

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 Microsoft The tech giant is done supporting its ancient, malware-prone operating system Windows XP, which still accounts for about one-fourth of laptop and desktop usage worldwide, and it won't patch any future security holes either Today’s the day that security experts and IT pros have been freaking out about for ... Read More »

8th Apr 2014
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