Harvard cracks DNA storage, crams 700 terabytes of data into a single gram

A bioengineer and geneticist at Harvard’s Wyss Institute have successfully stored 5.5 petabits of data — around 700 terabytes — in a single gram of DNA, smashing the previous DNA data density record by a thousand times.   The work, carried out by George Church and Sri Kosuri, basically treats DNA as just another digital storage device. ... Read More »

30th Mar 2015
BGP spoofing - why nothing on the internet is actually secure

he scariest hack of them all on the internet has been around for a long time, but it doesn't get a lot of attention in the broader tech press. It's BGP spoofing and it compromises the most basic functions of the internet: the routing of data from one system to another.Effective use of BGP spoofing is not within the reach of script kiddies, but ... Read More »

7th Mar 2015